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If you work or commute long hours, our daily dog walking services are a perfect solution for a mid-day break for your dog. Your dog can enjoy their walk, fresh air, exercise and lots of loving one-on-one attention. We come to your home and take your dog out for a 20-25 minute private on-leash walk within your neighborhood. 

If you're interested in occasional walks, service while you're on vacation, weekend or evening visits, please visit our Dog Sitting Services below. 

FEES: $22/walk. Each additional dog per household - $5/walk. 
In order to use our daily dog walking service, we ask that you commit to a set schedule (M-F, M-TH, M/W/F etc.) and a minimum of three (3) or more walks per week (Mon - Fri only) for a full month to secure your spot.

About Our Walks:

  • Walk times: Mon - Fri from 11 am - 3 pm. Dogs are walked rain or shine.
  • Each visit is 30 minutes long and includes a 20-25 minute neighborhood walk.
  • Refresh water and provide meals/treats(if desired) after a walk.
  • Daily walk journal to keep you posted about your dog's activities and behavior and a picture every now and then.
  • Dogs are always treated with love and affection. 
  • Reinforce your dog's basic training such as practicing recall and basic commands such as 'Sit', 'Down' and 'Stay' during or after the walk.
  • Quick dry off with a towel after a muddy walk in the rain/snow.
  • We use environmentally friendly biodegradable poop bags.
Puppies must be at least 6 months old. 

Walk Times: 

We know that dogs thrive on routine, and we make our best effort to arrive around the same time each day. However, due to a variety of factors, we require some flexibility with our arrival time. We ask for a two-hour time window (for example, 11 am – 1 pm) to arrive for your dog’s walk. This allows us to manage our constantly changing schedules, bad weather conditions, drying off dogs after rainy, snow or slushy days and travel time due to traffic, weather etc. 

Also, please keep in mind that since 9 am - 5 pm are the average work hours, we get a disproportionate number of requests for walks between 12 - 2 pm. We try our best, but cannot always honor all requests. 

Additional Fees & Holiday Charges:

Rates are for local service within 8 miles of dog walker's/sitter's home. Additional mileage charges will apply over 8 miles. All services and rates are subject to change.

Holiday surcharge - $10 per visit. Holiday Schedule - 2018
Overnight visit holiday surcharge - $20 per night. 

A fee of $10 per visit will be charged for key pick-up or return after initial consultation. 

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When you are on vacation or need to travel for work, we can help out by taking care of your dog. Our dog sitting services are also perfect for clients who need just an occasional walk and feed (for busy times such as deadlines and meetings at work, work party, dinner date etc.). 

Dog sitting services are a convenient alternative to boarding your pet at a kennel or imposing on family, friends or neighbors while you’re away. Your dog(s) will be so much happier to stay in the comfort of their home and adjust better to your absence. You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your dog is safe at home in the hands of a caring professional and your home treated with utmost care and respect.  

FEES:  $24/visit. Each additional pet per household - $5/visit.

In order to provide good quality care and give attention to each pet, we provide care for a maximum of 5 pets per household.  

For the safety and well being of your dog, we require at least three (3) visits per full day while you are away. Puppies must be at least 5 months old. 

Dog sitting visits are offered 7 days a week & include the following:

  • 30 minute visit includes a neighborhood walk and/or playtime with your dog's favorite toys in a fenced-in yard.
  • Provide meals/treats and fresh water.
  • Loving care and one-on-one individual attention for your pets. 
  • Pet sitting report at every visit to give you an update about your pet's activities and behavior and occasional pictures by email.
  • Regular updates by text or phone at the end of each visit or end of the day.
  • Reinforce your dog's basic training such as practicing recall and commands such as 'Sit', 'Down' and 'Stay' during the walk or at home.
  • Bring in the mail/newspaper and small packages.

Please Note: We are firm believers of positive reinforcement methods and humane treatment of dogs and therefore, do not use shock, choke or prong collars and invisible fences. We will be happy to discuss alternatives such as walking your dog on a trainer recommended harness instead.

Visit Times:

While we understand your dog’s needs for a certain level of predictability in their daily routine, we also require a degree of flexibility in scheduling visits. We ask for a two-hour time window to arrive for your pet's visit. It helps us with scheduling and makes our lives so much easier!


Does your dog get lonely or anxious when left alone at night?
Does your dog like to cuddle up at night?

If yes, our overnight visits are the perfect package for your pets care. We will stay overnight with your dog to make sure they are cared for with the same attention and love you give them. An added benefit of this service is that your house looks lived in. 
Please Note: Overnight Dog Sitting Visits are limited and available for current regular clients only. This service is not available for new or first time clients. 

Overnight visits include the following:
  • 10 hour overnight stay (usually between 9 pm - 7 am) in your home.
  • Bedtime and morning neighborhood walks are included.
  • Provide meals/treats and fresh water.
  • Regular updates by phone or email if desired.
  • Daily pet journal to give you an update about your pet's activities and occasional pictures by email.
  • Bring in the mail/newspaper and small packages.
  • Take out trash if required.

$ 85 per night. Each additional pet per household - $5 per visit.
Regular dog sitting fees will apply for additional mid-day and evening visits.

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Our services include:

Daily Dog Walking Services:  Mon - Fri regular mid-day dog walking services. 

Dog Sitting Services:  Dog sitting services for vacation and weekends, evening and     occasional walks.Your dog gets to stay in their own home and enjoy a staycation!

Overnight Dog Sitting Visits:  In-your-home overnight stay (for current clients only).

​We service the following towns in Morris County:

  • Ledgewood
  • Succasunna
  • Randolph (Ironia, Fernbrook, Mount Fern & Center Grove areas only covered).
  • Mt. Arlington

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